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Winter White Wine Is a Thing and It's Delicious

Winter White Wine Is a Thing and It's Delicious

White wine is traditionally a spring and summer drink, but our taste buds don't change with the seasons. So if the thought of red wine gives you a headache, don't worry; there are a few options for white wines that you can drink in the wintertime or anytime.


Chardonnay is one of the most popular types of white wine because of its variety, making it perfect for any time of the year. The medium body makes it a fantastic wine to enjoy during warm summer months, but earthy notes and ripe fruit make it pair perfectly with many savory dishes served over the holidays. What wine would pair better with mashed potatoes than a buttery chardonnay?


It makes sense that Riesling would be a great cold-weather wine because the grape was born out of cold-weather regions. While it is traditionally considered a sweet wine, there are Riesling varieties all along the sweetness scale. Think green fruits when you think of Riesling, like green apple and lime. Riesling pairs well with hearty German dishes like stews and sausages.


It may be a mouthful to say, but this French wine made with Viognier grapes is sure to put a smile on your face. The defining feature of Condrieu that makes it the perfect winter white wine - and maybe even the perfect holiday wine overall - is the notes. Flavors of gingerbread, allspice, almond, and citrus peel all dance around your palate, making this the perfect wine for holiday cheer.

A Taste for Every Season

One of the beautiful things about wine is that there are so many combinations of tastes and scents, so it is an adventure trying new wines to see which ones excite your palate the most. If someone looks down on you for enjoying white wine in the colder months, dare them to try it. The odds are that they will jump on the winter whites bandwagon with you.

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