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In-Store and Curbside Pickup Available!
The Best Beer for the Best Dad

The Best Beer for the Best Dad

Let's be honest: that tie you bought for your Dad last year? It's been in the back of his closet, collecting dust. And you know, your Dad is the best he definitely deserves the best Father's Day present. Treat him right with the best present around: Beer. 

For the Dad that loves the taste, but not the buzz

He loves crackin' one open on Sundays, yeah, but this Dad also likes waking up early on Monday and tackling the week without the lingering effects of Sunday's brews. Athletic Brewing's Non-alcoholic Golden Ale gives you all the taste of a craft beer, without the alcohol. Brewed with organic malt, this ale is sweet and drinkable. 

For the Dad who's a bit of a Kiwi

The rolling hills, the towering mountains, the lush valleys- there is a reason that Lord of the Rings was filmed in the paradise that is New Zealand. This is a land of adventure and beauty...and also the land of good beer. The Toppling Goliath Zeelander is the perfect choice for the Dad that wishes he could be hopping around the breweries of New Zealand. Brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand, this American style IPA is earthy and floral, with notes of mandarin oranges. 

For the Dad that spends his weekends mowing the lawn

He's seen it all: squirrels stealing all of his bird seed, deer eating his shrubs, rogue neighborhood dogs digging up his beautiful grass. This Dad knows that when disaster strikes, there is only one thing to do: roll up his sleeves, get to work, and, when it's all said and done, crack open a nice cold one. For this dad, Allagash's Saison is the only right choice. A play on the Belgian farmhouse ale, this beer was made to be drank after a day of sweaty yard work.  It is full-bodied, with a crisp finish, and hints of pepper and citrus to balance the sweet malts. 

For the Dad that actually doesn't really want beer after all

Sometimes, when you've spent your whole life loving a thing, you might need a little distance from it. This Dad would never say no to a brewski, but ever since that trip to Cabo, he's been exploring other options and is pretty excited about what's out there. Cutwater Spirits is a distillery based in San Diego, CA, which specializes in both liquors and premixed beverages. Perfect for the days when you need a break from the hops and malt and yeast, their Horchata inspired Cold Brew Cocktail is perfect for the Dad that's branching out. 


Your Dad is the best Dad, and he deserves the best beer (or drink of choice). Check out or catalog or stop in-store for a full selection!

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