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3 Summer Wine Tasting Theme Ideas

3 Summer Wine Tasting Theme Ideas

Summer is the perfect time to host a wine tasting party for good friends.  Crisp whites, fruity rosés, and lightweight reds that are low in tannins are wonderful refreshers for hot, humid days and nights. Paired with something to nibble, maybe some music, and good company, it's hard to go wrong with a few good bottles of vino. 

Here are three theme ideas for a fun summer wine tasting.

1. Chilean Fiesta

Chilean wines deserve their own party. Invoking nuances of citrus and honey, the herbaceous Maturana Colchagua Semillon is a good summertime option. For contrast, try the Mahu Sauvignon Blanc. A Charcuterie board laden with bits of chorizo, olives, crackers, and white Mexican cheeses make this party easy to prepare for and a breeze to clean up.  

2. Dessert Wine Luau

A fun idea for girl's night is a tasting party dedicated to dessert wines. Muscat de  Beaumes de Venise Sweet is deliciously sweet with a healthy dose of freshness. Chateau Coutet Sauternes Barsac is bold and sweet with notes of honey, citrus, apricot, and marmalade. Fresh fruit and a collection of small cakes and pastries from the local bakery is the perfect, worry-free accompaniment. 

3. Champagne Dreams

Go all out and celebrate sparkling wine. It's never a bad time for champagne, and several good bottles of bubbly is a wonderful way to kick off a summer evening. Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial is distinguished by a bright fruitiness and a seductive palate. If you're feeling especially celebratory, Dom Perignon is always a fine choice. Cocktail attire is in order as are foie gras, creme brie, and caviar.

Wine is always in style. To make summer entertaining easy and fun, try one of these themed wine tastings featuring a few choice selections from our store.

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